Home Security Systems Boise, Idaho

What We’re Passionate About

We’re in business today because we are concerned about the protection and safety of families and businesses. While our business is based out of the Boise, Idaho area, we do what we do so that more people can be safe, wherever they are. Iron Fist Security Systems provides alarm security and home/business automation solutions to not only ensure safety but also to help home-owners and business-owners save money through smarter use of their utilities.

Who is Iron First Security?

Iron Fist Security Systems is Kevin Atkinson’s business, founded in the Boise, Idaho area, and focused on providing alarm security solutions for businesses and families. Kevin Atkinson, CEO and President of Iron Fist Security Systems, has worked within various tech companies since 1979, and has recently moved his technology focus to the alarm security industry. While some of his previous work has been in networking and programming in computers, Kevin saw a need for improved security for families and businesses. So he scaled back his tech work and started his own security provider, Iron Fist!

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